G1507 European Oak – Pepper

In the Timber Flooring Industry, Engineered floors are basically made of multi layers of wood that is glued and pressed together into the planks we use.

The Barock 15/3 Engineered floor is made only with 3 layers of wood and uses less glue to put together, making it strong and environmentally friendly.

At Ozwood, we invested a lot of time and effort with the Barock Group to developed the 15/3 Engineered floors. The 15/3 is short for 15mm total floor board thickness with the top 3mm being solid timber surface. It is produced to provide high quality floors at the best possible price and to replace the use of bamboo.

Over the last 5 years, Bamboo floors were regarded as the most cost effective to use in both Australian and the US flooring markets. At that time it was the second most popular floor in the industry.

However, many complaints about the bamboo arose, as this type of material would contract and expand too much with temperature change. Demand and sales of bamboo floors began to decline.

For the bamboo market to be substituted, the timber floor must have 3 characteristics;

  1. High quality and an aesthetic and tread feel better than laminate
  2. Cost effective, where supply and install package to be within the price range of $80-$90sqm
  3. Product stability, the flooring reacts well in various temperatures

At this moment, the Barock 15/3 Engineered timber floors is the most applicable choice.

1507 is the future trend in timber flooring.

  • Black pepper colour warmth style
  • 3mm solid timber surface
  • Level and stable
  • Water resistant

1507 is designed with a lock-in system and is most ideal when installed on level grounds. If the cement or wooden base floor is not level, then glue fixing is recommended.



Name: Oak-G1507 European Oak – Pepper
Code: Oak-G1507
Sqm/BOX: 2.8880
Dimension: 15x190x1900mm  8pc