BF8002 White Oak Project $43+GST ㎡

About 20 years ago, on a business trip, I spent a few nights in a 5 star hotel. The single bed room was around 50sqm and throughout this room the colour used was white. The feature wall, carpet, furniture and furnishings were totally white, but it offered a pure and very clean environment. From my first impression of this room, I was surprised how the colour white can have such a peaceful, spacious and relaxing effect. From then on, I’ve developed a sense of appreciation of this colour. BF8002 is a popular product. It is not a plain monotonous white, instead it has a creamy, hint of grey retro fashion appearance. If used in a spacious room coupled with dark coloured furniture, it provides a great contrast and shows a classy vintage finish. If done properly, it would be difficult for other colours to achieve. When I took these photos, I personally felt that the owner did quite well to let the floor express its characteristics. It gave me a very unique, cool, serene, spacious and clean feeling.   Barock is a high density floor product created to adapt to harsh conditions and have resistance to abrasions, staining, cigarette burns and is tough in quality. These photos were taken in mid 2016, and have been in use for over 18 months; and in the owner’s words, he still says the floor is “like it was installed yesterday, it is very high quality”. Barock was carefully designed and made to be good value, hard wearing and long lasting. Even for a perfectionist with expectations, you cannot fault this product.